Brio Baking Incorporated operates Brio Breadworks and Cafe Brio as a California Benefit Corporation. The company started as Brio Breadworks in 1998, producing fresh, quality bread for the local community. The company expanded by opening Cafe Brio, on the Arcata Plaza, in 2007. 


To strengthen the connections in our local food chain.

- Connect people with real, wholesome food

- Enhance the connection between the health of the land and individual well being

- Source quality ingredients from local suppliers

- Connect our community to the bounty that is produced in our backyard

- Use traditional methods and ingredients

 “How you eat can change the world.” – Alice Waters

We believe in:


Thanks to our great community, our business is thriving. We do our best to provide quality bread, coffee, food and atmosphere for the community that supports us. We support other local non-profits, schools and businesses in our community.


We share an uncompromising commitment to the highest quality ingredients, products, service and environment. 


We strive for a distinctive style that is approachable and welcoming, like a traditional European cafe or bakery, but with a California twist. 


We buy from our neighbors and sell to our neighbors. We buy local and organic whenever possible. Seasonal produce and current crop conditions help us determine our menu.


We build strong, lasting relationships and meaningful connections – 

  • With our employees, by supporting and respecting our staff as individual beings and also as a part of the Brio community
  • With our customers, by learning your name, your dining preferences, and making visitors feel welcome in our town.
  • With our suppliers and retailers, by buying and selling locally! We know the names of our farmers, fishermen, winemakers, and support their business in the same way they support ours.
  • With the land, by understanding that the health of the land affects us all. Local and worldwide; we have to take care of our planet.
  • Amongst our community by providing a welcoming atmosphere and meeting place for friends, family and colleagues.